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Policies Terms & Agreements: Waiver

By  signing our Policies, terms & agreement form, filling out our party contract, making a payment you have agreed and given your consent to our company's , Waiver, policies, Terms and Agreements.

Booking Our Services:

Reserve your child's party by filling out the form below, once the date and time that you have requested has been approved, you will need to place a 50% non refundable deposit to secure your date. All balances must be received 5 days prior to the date that you have reserved. Taxes will apply at checkout for all payments. We require up to 45 minutes for setup depending on the size of your party, this do not include party service hours. 

At times services may be completed before time booked, this is why we include up to in our time frame. in this case we will leave once all services has been completed. Parties will start at the time noted in booking form, we will not sit and wait for guest to arrive,  please advise all parents to arrive on time. late guest will not receive all services do to the timing of arrival,  your child's party will not exceed hours noted on booking form so please advised all parents that you are on time limit  We do not serve food unless added in custom party.

 We will NOT serve any child under the age of 5. Parents are Not allowed in the party area, they are an distraction to the girls.

We will NOT serve any child who is sick has a running nose, sneezing, cough, open wound and/or scratches.  due to the health and safety of our staff. You must Fill out our consent form after payment has been paid. Party accessories are for party use only, all robes, and accessories must be returned to hostess. We will require use of water for spa treatment. Our parties are designed for fun and entertainment purposes only.


You the parent(s) and/or guardian acknowledges that your child(dren) will actively  participate in services provided by GD&D that may cause an harm, injuries and allergic reactions and have given your consent for all parties including quest to receive services that will include the use of nail polishes, nail polish removers, scented and unscented, perfumed containing  products, bubble baths,  lotions, nail varnishes,  cosmetic sprays, alcohol, glitters, lip glosses, nail wraps, nail decals, face and body stencils, face and body paints. including the wearing of fashion accessories, clothing such a cotton bath robes, headbands, feather boas, and hats.  You have agreed to advise us of any skin or food allergies, illnesses,  health problems or issues that your child and/or guest may suffer from. Some of our products may contain peanuts, and/or contain products used or made with peanuts. 

Glamour, Diamondz and Divas will not be held liable for any allergic reactions that may occur do to the use or consumption of our products and services used or sold by Glamour, Diamondz and Divas. Our products, such as  desserts and treats made and/or purchased from local store and bakeries.

You the client will held liable, physically and financially responsible to any law suits, court cost and/or fees due to any negligence caused by the participant.


Allergies and Illness: 

Glamour, Diamondz and Divas will not be held liable for any allergic reactions, sickness , injuries or illnesses do to the use and/or consumption of any edible and non edible products and services provided and sold by Glamour, Diamondz and Divas. 

Any child that has any allergy or health problems may not receive some or all services do to their health and safety, we will take any and all precautions to ensure that everyone being served by our team is safe, a parent or guardian will need to contact Mz. Wanda by phone and fill out our special consent form before we can serve your child do to our company policies.

Equipment  Injuries and Damages:

We ask that an adult over the age of 18 be present to help in the supervision of any of all children when operating and use of all entertainment and  outdoor equipment. Glamour, Diamondz and Divas takes great pride in assuring the safety of all  clients, guest and staff during any event. 

We ask that you please respect our equipment , Glamour, Diamondz and Divas will not be held liable for any injuries or accidents due to improper use or handling, and  rough playing when operating our equipment.  

We do not allow any rough handling of our equipment, no fighting, or use of bad language We will not tolerate disrespect or physical  harm of our staff or other guest,  at any time you have went against or have abide by the terms and agreements, you will be have irretrievably broken your contract for use of our services. therefore we will pack up leave the premises  

You the client will be held financially liable for any damages caused by you or your guest. You the client promises to make sure all guest cooperate with our staff at all time for their safety. Some equipment may require the use of electricity provided by the client.

Company Polices:

At any time that you the client does not abide by  our company's waiver, terms and agreements, we will no longer offer nor provide our services to you, all monies paid will result as a loss due to your actions, and/or the actions of your guest, and you will not be refunded . If your or your guest are found to be at fault for any damages and/or injuries to any Glamour, Diamondz and Divas properties and employees,  will be held financially reliable .

Prices- Refunds and Tax:

All party cost are non-refundable, if at any time you want to cancel a party you may do so, all payments will not be refunded.  You may reschedule your child's party date for any the next date and time that is available. A Clayton County Ga Tax fee will be added at checkout, this fee will be divided for deposits and a balance, single payments will calculate the full county tax. A travel fee may be added depending on your location.

 Parties Rules & Responsibilities:

 We ask that you provide a separate space for the parents of party the guest, we can not serve the girls while parents are in the room it is distracting for the girls and makes it hard for us to do our jobs.

* Parent's it your responsibility to provide space for our table, chairs, backdrops and equipment for set up.  

We will not tolerate any fighting, cursing or any negative behavior, if you break it you bought it, includes tables, chairs any equipment belonging to GD&D. All payments or agreements must be made before we leave the premises.  We will Not wait around for you to prepare our setup space, the space where we are to setup should be ready upon our arrival . We will Not tolerate any disrespect to our staff, at any time our company policies, terms and agreements have been broken will pack up and leave. So please abide by our terms, agreement and rules. Thank You 

Liability and Safety:

It is mission to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to party or event starting time, we can not be held liable for any foreseen circumstances that are out of our control like, traffic, the weather or any problems that may occur that may cause a delay or cancel of any party or event, please understand that problems to occur for us to. We reserve the right to cancel any party request due to bad weather, wind and rain, however our parties can be moved inside, or you may choose to we will reschedule.

* GD&D staff/employees will Not tolerate any offensive behavior, verbal or physical threats due to any misunderstanding on any part, we will leave before, during or after the event if this may occur. you will Not have an opportunity to reschedule, or receive a refund to you, a family member and/or guest threat to our safety. 

Polish Party Info

Parent's please be advised that kids under 8 will not mix base polish, our parties should be held in a ventilated room,  a ceiling fan, air condition and/or fan will help with the smell of nail polish. 

Face Painting  & Temporary Tattoos::

Our face paints are FDA Compliant- Non-toxic- Water Based and Hypoallergenic.

We use only Water based- Skin Safe- FDA  Compliant Airbrush Tattoo Paints. Our Airbrush Nail Paints are Water based- Non-toxic and Odorless.

Photos/Videos Use:

During our parties and events, photos and videos of all guest will be taken, there we may use photos and videos for marketing and advertising without permission or cost,  all photos will carry our watermarked if you do not agree and would not like for photos of you, or your child to bus used please contact us by phone or email.

By placing any order from  our company,  you have agreed to abide by the terms, agreements and contracts provided by Glamour, Diamondz and Divas. 

 Contact Mz. Wanda for any questions and concerns at (404) 519-1248 You will receive a copy once we arrive .

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