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Founder: Mz. Wanda

In 2009 Mz. Wanda starting out making and selling gift baskets for valentine's day, selling them on the streets of Atlanta Ga. 

She would also host celebrations, family events and Halloween parties for her kids, which led her to later question herself and also about her future in making and selling gift baskets. After praying and seeking guidance from the Lord, She discovered children's birthday parties and she knew then that it was her calling. After much research she stepped out on faith with very little income and with the support of her husband and daughter, she started hosting spa parties for girls. She became so passionate about hosting children's parties that she begin to research even more and learned more about the children's party industry and discovered her passion for working with children. 

 Glamour, Diamondz and Divas was birth in 2010, slowly growing, and  struggling to find clients she didn't give up because knew this was what the Lord had led her to do.  Never give up on your dreams, no matter how long it takes.


Mz. Wanda would like to thank everyone who has supported

 Glamour, Diamondz and Divas over the years. We are looking forward to serving you for many years to come.

* Pray more and worry less, and most importantly, obedience is better than sacrifice. 

May the good Lord Bless and keep you.

In loving Memory of Mz. Wanda's Mother and Sister

Rest in Heaven Mother  Helen Rivers  7/1/2018  ~ Sister Denise Rivers 1/15/2019

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