Glamour, Diamondz and Divas

       Glamour, Diamondz and Divas   

     Spa & Glamour Parties for Girls 5-12 

Party Contract -Waiver/Terms & Agreements

Please read over  and sign our company's  waiver, terms and agreement before booking our services or placing an order.

By  signing our waiver/terms & agreement form, filling out our party contract, making a payment you have agreed and given your consent to our company's Party Contract & Waiver,and company's Terms and Agreements.

You the parent(s) and/or guardian acknowledges that your child(dren) will actively  participate  in  services provided by GD&D that may cause an harm, injuries and allergic reactions and have given your consent for all parties including quest to receive services that will include the use of nail polishes, nail polish removers, scented and non scented, perfumed containing  products, bubble baths,  lotions, nail varnishes,  cosmetic sprays, alcohol, glitters, lip glosses, nail wraps, nail decals, face and body stencils, face and body paints. including the wearing of fashion accessories, clothing such a cotton bath robes, headbands, feather boas, and hats.  You have agreed to advise us of any skin or food allergies, sicknesses,  health problems or issues that your child and/or guest may suffer from. Some of our products may contain peanuts, and/or contain products used or made with peanuts.

Glamour, Diamondz and Divas will not be held liable for any allergic reactions, injuries or accidents that may occur do to the use or consumption of products and services used or sold by Glamour, Diamondz and Divas. 

You the client will held liable, physically and financially responsible to any law suits, court cost and/or fees due to any negligence caused by the participant.

 Glamour, Diamondz and Divas will not be held liable for any allergic reactions, sickness , injuries or illnesses do to the use and/or consumption of any  non edible products and services provide and/or sold by Glamour, Diamondz and Divas, some Products used, provided  and sold by GD&D may have been purchased from local and online stores and bakeries, we will not be held liable for third party baked, cooked or pre wrapped goods.  

By placing any order from  our company,  you have agreed to abide by the terms, agreements and contracts provided by Glamour, Diamondz and Divas. You may Contact Mz. Wanda for any questions and concerns at (404) 519-1248

I have read and agreed to accept and abide by your Party Contract & Waiver Terms and Agreements. Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible
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