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     Spa Parties & Glamour Parties for Girls 5-12 

Terms, & Agreements 

Booking Information:

When booking a party you will need to contact us by phone, email or booking form provided on our website to request and reserve your date and time chosen to for your child's birthday party or event . If the date and time requested is available you will need to place a deposit, all deposits are $50 of the cost of all party themes, this also includes spa parties. You will need to book your child's party or event 2 weeks before your requested date.

please be advised that all deposits are non-refundable. The final balance must be received 3 days prior to your party date.  

Our party packages ranges from 6, 8 to a maximum of 12 girls.

 You provide the party space?:

No, not at this time, we are mobile, we bring our services to you, you provide the space and we will come out and set up at your home or chosen venue. Parent's we ask that you please provide a separate space for the parent's of the party guest, we require that you have only one adult over the age of 18 present during the party. Please abide by these terms.

Client's Obligations:

As the person booking this event you are therefore obligated to make sure you and your guest follow and abide by the rules and agreements of our company.


Clients will need to notify us of any cancellations within 48 hours after there reservation and order date, in order to receive your refund, there will be a 30% fee deducted + a transaction cost from all cancellations, if your cancellation request is not made within 48 hours of your reservation date, all payments will be forfeited. You may reschedule your event or class for another date and time that is available for us. Any outdoor or indoor events that has to be canceled due to family emergencies or bad weather, will be given a the opportunity to reschedule your party or event, before we will issue a refund. In any case that a rescheduled party or event can not take place due to bad weather we will gladly issue a refund, minus the transaction fee that our paypal merchant fee.

We will not cancel indoor events do to light rain, you the client must notify us of a canceled indoor or outdoor event to do rain or bad weather. We will cancel if severe weather conditions persist. 

Glam Candy Apples & Dessert Products: 

Our glam candy apples,  desserts and treats are made using products that may causes allergic reactions in children and adults, 

 Glamour, Diamondz and Divas will not be held liable for any allergic reactions, sickness or illnesses do to the consumption of the ingredients used to make any products, candy apples, desserts and treats, bought and sold by Glamour, Diamondz and Divas,  some Products used and sold by GD&D may have been purchased from local and online stores and bakeries, we will not be held liable for third party baked, cooked or pre wrapped goods. we will not be held liable for any known or unknown sickness or illness due to any skin and food allergies. 

Glamour, Diamondz and Divas take great pride in providing our customers and clients with the safest and freshest products and ingredients, bought and sold, the health and safety of our clients and customers are our first priority.

Warning : Glam Candy Apple's must be stored in cool temperatures or refrigerated to prevent melting, heat and warm temperatures will cause melting and other problems when not stored properly, By placing any order from  our company,  you have agreed to abide by the terms, agreements and contracts provided by Glamour, Diamondz and Divas. You may Contact Mz. Wanda for any questions and concerns at (404) 519-1248

Late Guest or No Show:

Any guest that arrive late will be asked to join in at the session that is taking place, we will not perform any services that has passed. Any money paid to reserve a spot for a no show will not be refunded. 


Behavior Problems:

We will not tolerate any bad behavior, talking back, rudeness. hitting or any misbehaving on any part will not be tolerated at any time during our party sessions, when and if this occurs we ask that this child be removed from the party area.

Photos & Company use:

Some photos taken of party guest and attendees will be used for company purposes such as, advertising, posted on our social media sites, blogs and marketing material such as (business cards, flyers, car magnets and posters). if at any time you feel that any photos of your child or guest has been misused please contact us immediately to inform us of this matter, if you as the parent do not wish for your child's photo to be used for our company purposes you will need to contact us and we will remove any and all photos of your child. You may notify us at the time that your event is booked.

We will never use photos taken of children in any negative or discriminating way, feel free to contact Mz. Wanda at any time to discuss any concerns or questions that you may have.


Bad Weather:

We will take all precautions when it comes to the  safety of our staff, we will cancel and reschedule your event if the weather becomes hazardous and

un-drivable due heavy rain, storms and tornado warnings, We may cancel your event due to any unforeseen circumstances  on our behalf such as, illnesses, death or any company emergencies. Any outdoor or indoor invent that has to be canceled due to family emergencies or bad weather, will be given a the opportunity to reschedule your party or event be we will issue a refund.  In any case that a rescheduled party or event can not take place due to bad weather we will gladly issue a refund, minus the transaction fee that our paypal merchant fee.

We want you to know that we face some of the same life problems as our clients, we are human!


Client Responsibilities: Company Property Damages

Any damages to our property caused by the client or guest of the client, is the responsibility of the client, the client must take care of this matter as soon as it occurs, the client's credit or debit card may be charged for damages if  cost for damages is not paid at the timely matter, Company Property can range from $50.00 to $500 so please handle our property/equipment with caution and care. Clients or guest are not allowed to serve themselves from candy buffet tables due to breakage and damages of our candy jars, centerpieces and vases etc...

Company Disclaimer: 

Glamour, Diamondz and Divas assumes no liabilities for allergies and allergic reactions  from the use of any products sold or served , such as candy apples, cookies, candies, bubble gum, bakery purchased, pre- packaged, restaurant purchased, popcorn, treats and desserts, accessories, costumes, nail polishes, face paints, airbrush tattoo paints cosmetics, edible and non-edible consumed or handled during our party sessions or events.  We will not be held liable for any allergic reactions due to  the use of glitters. glues and tattoos applied during our party sessions, these products are hypoallergenic. 

Parent's must submit a consent form for there child to receive any services, all consent forms must be signed by the child's parent or guardian .

   We  thank you choosing Glamour, Diamondz and Divas  

Mz. Wanda

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